In Africa we traveled in our own car. It took us almost 2 months to find an appropriate car; we were searching for a Toyota Landcruiser, Landrover Defender, Nissan Patrol or a Mitsubishu Pajero. The availability of spare parts was one of the most important issues so we limited our search to the Toyota and the Landrover. Eventually we got a Landrover.
Our car was a Landrover Defender 110 from 1987. We chose for this car since it was long enough to sleep in if we wanted to or had to. We knew we wanted to go to rather remote areas which would imply camping in the wild. Because of that it would be safer to sleep in the car from time to time. Furthermore the diff-lock of Landrover is the strongest you can find: if no car can go further Landrover still can!
Besides that the car had a lot of extras like a roofrack, high air filter and second fuel tank. The engine was a 2500cc, it used diesel and ... the wheel was already on the right hand side which was the good side for the parts of Africa we wanted to travel.
After a good service and repairs we drove around Holland for a while to get used to the car. On top of that we did a 4x4 course. May 2002 the car was shipped from Rotterdam to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania where we collected it about a month later (see travel reports).

The following has been modified e.g. added to the car:

  • sunscreen at rear and side for campsites
  • sandplates attached to roofrack
  • hijack attached to the rear of the car
  • 2nd battery with diode block for accesories (with cigarette lighter connections)
  • 2 spare wheels (one one bonnet, other one on roofrack) with special bolts
  • wooden bed construction for bed + storage
  • possibility for putting up a tent on the roofrack
  • radio cassette player
Furthermore we took quite a bit of spare parts and tools with.
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